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Reasons to Register with International Six Sigma Council (ISSC)






ISSC is an independent, non-profit making organization focusing on examination and registration only.In order to maintain its independency and avoid conflict of interest, it does not involve training

Most of other institutions provide both training and examination together. You may need to accept below quality training in order to attain the qualification granted by these institutions


ISSC has adopted the qualification mechanism of today’s six sigma and lean companies employing six sigma and lean professionals.Every six sigma and lean professional should pass the examination as well as completion of a real project to the satisfaction of the examination board.

Project completion plus examination is also widely adopted by well-established examination bodies in US and UK.It is also an in-house requirement in most companies deploying six sigma.

In order to promote the training courses, some institutions require their “professionals” to complete the training course and pass written exam to get the qualification.

Some institutions even allow the black belt candidate to get the qualification through a simulated project or a simple game.This is completely different from a real black belt qualification granted by well-known six sigma companies or international six sigma registration bodies.

The non-independence of the institution leads to a non-professionalism of qualification.

Public Exam

ISSC provides public exam and welcome any interested candidate to attend its exam, without a pre-requisite of attending a training course.This is a common practice of most of the international examination bodies.

Exam dates are announced periodically on ISSC site and any one can download the form, pay examination fee and attend the exam.

Some institutions only allow those who have attended their training course to register the exam. As a result, these institutions do not provide real public exam.

Qualified Examiner

ISSC emphasized very much on the choice of examiners.Only Six Sigma Master Black Belt with years of six sigma deployment experience can be the Black Belt examiner.Six Sigma Black Belt with hands-on project experience are invited to be the Green Belt examiner

These examiners will review the project submitted or lead the oral exam and give their valuable comment

Some institutions do not have a systematic selection of examiners.Some examiners are not hands-on practitioners.

Non-sincere examiners will only give out pass marks easily if you join their training course.

Honorary Advisors

ISSC is targeted to be the professional Assessor and Advisor to the Human Resources Director of those companies employing six sigma and lean professionals.Therefore, ISSC invited different advisors from the companies deploying six sigma.These advisors give advice to ISSC on the types of requirement of the professionals they need.With their advice, ISSC adjust the examination requirement periodically to suit the business needs.

Some institutions will only adjust their examination to suit their training courses’ needs.The examination is not a professional examination, but a course-end assessment.


We are professional project managers and leaders with both knowledge and skills.  We are sincere to our professions and we develop our professional members through examination, project implementation and sharing of best practices.

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