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Congratulations to the candidates who passed the written examination.   Candidates have fulfilled the 1st part of the qualification requirement.  He or she should submit the project to meet the 2nd part of the qualification.

The result will be posted onto the website within 2 weeks after the exam day.  The result letter will be mailed to the candidate within 1 month after the exam day.  Please click onto the following link for the result. 

Please note that log in the screen requires a password (6 digit).  The password has been sent to you in the examination reminder email before the examination.  Please check.

Nov 2015 (Green Belt)

Jan 2016 (Green Belt)

Jan 2016 (Green Belt (2) & Black Belt)

April 2016 (Green Belt)

June 2016 (Green Belt)

July 2016 (Black Belt)

Aug 2016 (Black Belt & Green Belt)

Nov 2016 (Black Belt & Green Belt)

Dec 2016 (Black Belt & Green Belt)

Jan 2017 (Yellow Belt)

Feb 2017 (Green Belt & Lean Leader)

May 2017 (Green Belt & Lean Leader)

May 2017 (Green Belt)

May 2017 (Green Belt 2)

June 2017 (Green Belt & Lean Leader)

Sep 2017 (Green Belt & Black Belt)

Nov 2017 (Green Belt & Black Belt)

Mar 2018 (Black Belt)

Jun 2018 (Black Belt & Green Belt)

Aug 2018 (Green Belt)

Sep 2018 (Black Belt & Green Belt)

April 2019 (Green Belt)

Nov 2019 (Black Belt)




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