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2013 ISSC Seminar 1 

Topic:  Meta-Coaching in Six Sigma and Lean Organization

Speaker:  Dr. L. Michael Hall, PhD, Program Consultant & Master Trainer

Venue:   Administrative Building 4/F, room AC1, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui


We are pleased to have Dr. Michael Hall to share with us how Meta Coaching leadership fits into Lean and Six Sigma Management on 6 Mar 2013

Michael is a developer, researcher, coach, trainer and prolific author in the Cognitive Sciences having developed the most cutting-edge new concepts in NLP and NS today, the Meta-States Model, Matrix Model, and co-developed the Axes of Change Model. Michael brings playfulness and humour to training, and is renowned for his passion and integrity. He co-founded the International Society of Neuro-Sematics and The Meta-CoachTM Foundation(MCF). Michael is the Academic Director and Researcher for the MCF and has authored and published more than 50 books to date 

Dr. Hall shared with us the followings:

  •  Introduction of Meta Coaching methodology and how it works in organizations for creating great company culture  
  • Real case demonstration and practice

We have over 60 participants attending the seminar and share the wisdom of Dr. Hall.  We would like to express our sincere thanks for Dr. Hall's inspiring speech.





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