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A project's success depends on a combination of strategic planning, monitoring and excellent people skills. The biggest challenges include completing the project on time, within budget, and with the desired results.

If you have a project you have just successfully implemented, be it an introduction of a new process, an operations procedure improvement, a product launch or a new system software, we'd like to hear about it.  How did you select your project? Did you have a risk management procedure in place?

The criteria to assess whether this is the right project include:

  • Does the potential project have recurring events?

  • Do measures exist?  If “no”, can measures be established in an appropriate amount of time? At the gate review, the Project Sponsor can decide whether the project is appropriate.  This involves a decision about whether or not the proposed project is meaningful (to the business strategy), measurable (measures can be developed for the process) and manageable (the proposed project scope is appropriate)

  • Do you have the ability to control, ie manipulate, the process?

  • Will the potential project improve customer satisfaction?

  • Is the potential project aligned to at least one of the business measures (indicators)

  • Will the potential project deliver savings?

  • Will the potential project have a high probability of being completed through the application of DMAIC within 6 months from its start?

  • Is it possible to set “success” criteria for the project?

For more information on the Assessment Criteria, please go to our Download Section.







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