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Your Organization Name:
Number of staff in your Organization:
Your Organization Website:
Your Mailing Address:

Name of Official Contact Point:
Position of the Contact:
Email of the Contact:
Telephone of the Contact:

Award Category

Please put the Award Category you would like to apply:

Best Practice in Quality Improvement with Six Sigma
Best Practice in Process Improvement with Lean

Part A Background of Your Project:

Your Project name:

Your Project Result and how it contrbutes to Your Company Key Performance Indicators

The name and position of the Sponsor, the Team Leader and the Team Members:

Part B An Abstract of Your Project:

What is your Project Scope?

What is your Current Situation before Improvement?

What tools you have applied to identify the root causes? What root causes you have concluded?

What tools you have applied to develop your solutions? What solutions you have proposed?
Have you proved your solution feasible? How?

How you ensure your solution is sustainable?

By pressing the "Submit" button, you agreed the followings:

1. You understand that this application will be reviewed by members and the judges of International Six Sigma Council (ISSC) Best Practice Quality Award.
2. To the best of your knowledge, this package contains no untrue statement of a material fact
3. ISSC may use your contact data to communicate with you all related issues regarding to the Best Practice Quality Award, seminars, activities and annual dinner which are held by ISSC or its affiliated associations. You, at any time, can inform ISSC in writing or by email ( to stop sending any promotion material to you
4. ISSC will inform you whether your organization will be invited to participate in the Award Competiton. Once invited, you need to pay an entry fee of HK$12,000 which includes one table of 10 in the award dinner, together with your final submission


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