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2016 10th Anniversary Annual Dinner

Topic:  Revitalization of the Six Sigma Program in Sanmina

Speaker:  Mr. Solomon Poon, ISSC Best Champion Gold Award Winner 2015
Vice President, Quality & Operations Excellence, Greater China, Sanmina-(SCI) China Limited

Date:  23 June 2016

Venue:  Pearl Ballroom, Eaton Hotel


ISSC is pleased to hold their 10th Anniversary Annual Dinner on 23 Jun 2016.  Over 100 participants joined the dinner.  The dinner began with a lighting exercise to celebrate the achievement of ISSC in the past 10 years.  The Chairlady, Dr. Rita Wan, of ISSC shared with the floor on different milestones captured in the past years.  

It is the pleasure of ISSC to invite Mr. Solomon Poon, ISSC Best Champion Gold Award Winner and Vice President, Quality & Operations Excellence, Greater China, Sanmina-(SCI) China to shared Sanmina's successful story in promoting Six Sigma culture in the organization.

Mr Poon began his career with Sanmina since 2010 and was elevated to the Regional Quality Director in 2012, responsible for the operations quality.  In 2014, he was appointed as Vice President Quality & Operations Excellence with over 12,000 workforces in Greater China and took on the challenge of building the Operational Excellence.  His pioneer of Six Sigma in Sanmina and his successful Six Sigma implementation brought him the ISSC Best Champion Gold Award in 2015.

In the Keynote Speech, Solomon explained his mission and philosophy on how to revitalize the Six Sigma program to achieve the Operations Excellence in Sanmina Greater China region.  He also shared how to tackle the challenges faced when promoting Six Sigma.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Poon and all the participants to bring the whole dinner a total success.

For more photos, please click onto the following link:


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