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Six Sigma Black Belt
Final project submissions should include documentation to show mastery of the following body of knowledge.  Please contact the Examination Board if your project applied DFSS approach.

Prioritize and Define Project Charter (Mandatory)
S-I-P-O-C Process Flow Chart (Mandatory)
Gantt Chart (Mandatory)
CTQC Tree Diagram & CTQ identified with Operational Definition (Mandatory)

Defect Opportunities Defined & DPMO Baseline and Sigma Level (Mandatory)
As-is Process Map (Mandatory)
Pareto Chart (Mandatory)
Statistical Process Control (Mandatory)
Capability Analysis (Mandatory)

Any FOUR of the Analyze tools.  Examples of the tools are:
Cause & Effect Diagram, 5-Why Analysis,Regression & Correlation Analysis, One-Way ANOVA, Hypothesis Testing

To-be Process Map & Results after Pilot Run (Mandatory)
Any THREE of the improvement tools.  Examples of the tools are:
Brainstorming, Error-Proofing, 5-S, Solution Selection Matrix, Force Field Analysis, Lewin's Model, Six Thinking Hats, FMEA - Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Design of Experiments - Full or Fractional Factorial Design

Control Plan, Project Results & Assessment BEFORE & AFTER, Control Dashboard


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