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List of Certified Six Sigma and Lean Professionals

Certified Six Sigma and Lean Professionals can put their designated titles i.e. CSSYB, CSSGB, CSSBB, CSSMBB, CSSC, CSST and/or CLP, CLL, CLM on their name cards to show their professional status.

Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB)

 NAME Registration Number
Leung Hau Kin CSSMBB-060001
Chan Chi On CSSMBB-060002
Wan Wai Yin Rita CSSMBB-060003

 Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)

 NAME Registration Number
Kong Chor Hang Jason CSSBB-060001
Tsoi Kar Wah Arnold CSSBB-060002
Fung Ka Po CSSBB-060005
Yuen Wai Hung Richard CSSBB-060016
Tian Yong CSSBB-060026
Lei Pek Wan CSSBB-060029
Chiu Chai Kit CSSGB-060031
Li Hang Fai CSSGB-060032


Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)

 Name  Registration Number
Chow Chee Ping Jude CSSGB-060113
Law Man Suen CSSGB-060115
Lee Cho Yiu Raymond CSSGB-060147
Lee Yuk Man Arthur CSSGB-060158
Lee Siu MIng CSSGB-060170
Yeung Chi Yuen CSSGB-060173
Pok Ming Fan CSSGB-060192
Li Po Wa CSSGB-060204
Fu Chi Wai CSSGB-060220
Fong Kam Chuen Kenny CSSGB-060255
Chan Wai Hung Boris CSSGB-060262
Yip Wai Ching Anthony CSSGB-060273
Au Yeung Chui Shan CSSGB-060276
Lee Ka Yan Kathy CSSGB-060277
Lam Hong Kei Rosita CSSGB-060279
Fung Kit Hang Peggy CSSGB-060285
Leung Wai Chun CSSGB-060315
Kwok Siu Lan Sheena CSSGB-060341
Kwok Kim Yan CSSGB-060407
Chan Shing San CSSGB-060433
Leung Wai Tat CSSGB-060442
Hong Xiu Tao CSSGB-060454
Chiu Lai Ching CSSGB-060538
Wong Hing Lun CSSGB-060542
Doo Suet Fun CSSGB-060577
Lai Sui Ling CSSGB-060584
Chan Chun Kit Mosse CSSGB-060591
Chan Ying Kei CSSGB-060592
Chan Wai Hing CSSGB-060638
Chang Yu Man CSSGB-060655
Ng Wai Ying Anita CSSGB-060688
Chan Mo Lin CSSGB-060692
Hui Tsz Yan CSSGB-060695
Tang Siu Nga CSSGB-060730
Cheng Chun Kay CSSGB-060734
Lam Ka Wing Gary CSSGB-060767
Lee Wai Kit CSSGB-060768
Lo Shuk Yee Julia CSSGB-060769
Siu Yu Kuen CSSGB-060784
Chung Wai Lun William CSSGB-060785
Sin Kit Man CSSGB-060787
Cheng Chung Yin CSSGB-060795
Chow Chuen Kwong CSSGB-060805
Law Qing Ying CSSGB-060837
Kam Ho Yin CSSGB-060844
Chan Tsz Chik CSSGB-060868
Fong Tsz Kit CSSGB-060879
Hung Ping Yuk CSSGB-060882
Chan Kwai Yee Vivian CSSGB-060902
Law Tsz Yin CSSGB-060911
Tsui Chun Lung CSSGB-060912
Tang Man CSSGB-060932
Wong Kwai Yan CSSGB-060936
To Sik Fan CSSGB-060938
Lau Kwok Hong Cyrus CSSGB-060959
Chow Chi Hang Alex CSSGB-060960
Cheng Pui Yiu Sindy CSSGB-060969
Wong Ka Ho CSSGB-060975
Chan Kit Ying CSSGB-060977
Mak Tsz Chun Alex CSSGB-060980
Mak Kam Wing Kenneth CSSGB-060983
Au Kai Ming Brian CSSGB-061002
Szeto Wing Suet CSSGB-061033
Wong Shuk Ching CSSGB-061049
Chi Pui Yi CSSGB-061050
Yuen Ka Wing Katy CSSGB-061053
Yau Kam Fai CSSGB-061060
Li Tsan Man CSSGB-061061
Lam Kai Pui CSSGB-061062
Wu Xunzhou CSSGB-061065
Cheang Peng Peng Isabel Maria CSSGB-061068
Iong Mei Mei CSSGB-061069
Ng Ioi Cheng CSSGB-061084
Chen Chit Miu Janet CSSGB-061126
Kwong Wing Yee CSSGB-061133
Fung Yee Po CSSGB-061135
Cheung King Hang CSSGB-061163
Ho Ka Shun CSSGB-061164
Ng Wai Ying CSSGB-061165
Poon Cheuk Hei CSSGB-061166
Wu Kam Chiu Patrick CSSGB-061167
Wong Chi Ming CSSGB-061175
Wong Alexander Sek Pui CSSGB-061176
Law Mei Po Mabel CSSGB-061177
Koo Yi Lai CSSGB-061178
Pan Hui CSSGB-061180
Ngai Nei Yee Stella CSSGB-061182
Tsoi Wing Yan CSSGB-061183
Dicky Wong Ting Kwok CSSGB-061189
Leung Kin Pong Stanley CSSGB-061190
Ng Shu Hong CSSGB-061194
Ho Wing Sze Delphine CSSGB-061199
Leung Ka Wai CSSGB-061200
Yeung Chi Kin Cyrus CSSGB-061203
Wong Ho Yin CSSGB-061208
Hung Nga Suen CSSGB-061209
Chan Kai Tai CSSGB-061214
Pun Po Wing CSSGB-061223
Hui Ka Yan CSSGB-061224
Thoi Kien Hung CSSGB-061226
Choi Ka Hei CSSGB-061230
Ho Chung Yin Marco CSSGB-061235
Tsoi Wing Fai CSSGB-061236
Leung Sun Yee CSSGB-061238
Tang Wai Han CSSGB-061245
Chan Pui Yan CSSGB-061247
Lau Wai Ling CSSGB-061250
Yiu Pui Wan Wendy CSSGB-061251
Au Kok Ling Tina CSSGB-061256
Yip Ying Tung Sherry CSSGB-061258
Chan Rachel Seen Yin CSSGB-061263
Wong Kwai Kam CSSGB-061265
Chung Kar Yee CSSGB-061267
Pun Mei Yuk CSSGB-061268
Tam Ka Hang CSSGB-061269
Cho Chi Yin CSSGB-061270
Ho Wing Sze CSSGB-061271
Choi Yee Ting CSSGB-061272
Chu Fung Chu Jennifer CSSGB-061273
Tai Wai Ling CSSGB-061274
Ho Chou Meng CSSGB-061275
Sjoerd Hooghiemstra Theodoor CSSGB-061277
Lui Kit Ting Kitty CSSGB-061278
Luk Yuen Shan Vienna CSSGB-061279
Shiu Wing Shi CSSGB-061280
Lam Man Yee CSSGB-061281
Cheung Wai Shum Alex CSSGB-061282
Chan Hoi Kit CSSGB-061283
Man Lai Yin CSSGB-061284
Ho Yuk Ying CSSGB-061289
Wong Tsz Yan Ada CSSGB-061291
Li Janet Jing En CSSGB-061292
Chan Tat Yan CSSGB-061294
Chan Yuen Man Anita CSSGB-061295
Ng Sin Hang CSSGB-061296
Tsang Man Hon CSSGB-061297
Wong Ho Chung CSSGB-061298
Hui Yim Yan CSSGB-061303
Wong Kin Yu CSSGB-061304
Chan Pui Yee CSSGB-061305
Chan Maisey CSSGB-061306
Chui Suk Fan CSSGB-061309
Yan Ping Hang CSSGB-061310
Wan Judy Ka Yan CSSGB-061311
Lo Tak Yan Michelle CSSGB-061312
Leung Wing Yin CSSGB-061313
Liu Chun Yip CSSGB-061314
Wong Hoi Yan Agatha CSSGB-061317
Chai Wing Hong CSSGB-061318
Lee Chi Kong CSSGB-061319
Chan Tsz Lung CSSGB-061320
Lai Chi Keung Ken CSSGB-061321
Chan Ching Yi CSSGB-061322
Leung Man Kit CSSGB-061324
Chan Mary Ann CSSGB-061325
Diu Sui Wing Alex CSSGB-061326
Wai Siu Wah CSSGB-061327
Tsui Yu Cheung CSSGB-061328
Lo Ka Yan CSSGB-061329
Ho Chiu Kin CSSGB-061330
Wong Shuk Man CSSGB-061331
Lau Ka Mei CSSGB-061332
Chan Wan Ming CSSGB-061333
Law Ka Wing CSSGB-061334
Tong Yiu Lun CSSGB-061335
Fok Man Kin CSSGB-061336
Yip Hiu Yan CSSGB-061337
Tsang Ka Yan Teresa CSSGB-061338
Law Mei Fung CSSGB-061342
Chan Ka Ki CSSGB-061343
Lam Wai Lun CSSGB-061344
Chan Wai Hung CSSGB-061345
Lam Pui Sze CSSGB-061346
Chiu Kai Cheong CSSGB-061347
Chak Lap Kee CSSGB-061349
Cheung Hoi Ting CSSGB-061350
Tse Kwan Yi CSSGB-061351
Chau Chi Hang CSSGB-061352
Chou Yiu Fai CSSGB-061353
Chau Lok Man CSSGB-061354
Chuck Chi Kam CSSGB-061355
Kwok Ming Yuen CSSGB-061356
Law Wing Yee CSSGB-061357
Siu Wing Lin CSSGB-061358
Yeung Chi Kit CSSGB-061359
Yeung Wing In Minnie CSSGB-061360


Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB)

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