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2007 Seminar 1 :  Ford 8D Problem Solving
Date:  1 Aug 2007
Speaker :  Dr. Ir C.O. Chan

The seminar was successfully held on 1 Aug 2007 in ISSC Wanchai Center.   We are pleased to invite Dr. Ir. C.O. Chan to share with us how Ford 8D is applied in the Problem Solving and what is the difference between Ford 8D and Six Sigma. 

Ford 8D (Eight Disciplines) is originally developed at Ford Motor Company. 8D was introduced in 1987 in a manual titled "Team Oriented Problem Solving" (TOPS).  The Ford 8Ds are most effective in dealing with chronic recurring problems by using cross functional team approach, primarily defects or warranty issues.  They were never intended to replace or stand as a system quality systetm.  The 8Ds' focus was to deal with problems and discover the weaknesses in the management systems that allowed the problem to occur in the first place.

D1 - Use a team approach (D)

D2 - Describe the problem (D)

D3 - Implement and verify short term corrective actions

D4 - Define and verify root causes (A)

D5 - VErify the corrective action (s) (A)

D6 - Implement permanent corrective actions (I)

D7 - Prevent problem recurrence (C)

D8 - Congratulate the team

As shared by CO, 8 D methodologies are fully applied in Six Sigma and Lean.  CO also shared how to apply lean in a real application and brought a video to the seminar to share with the participants.

The seminar was well received by the participants and every participant received a gift of a book written by our Advisor, Dr. Ricky Yeung. 




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